Top Gold, Silver and Bullion Investments
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Top Gold, Silver and Bullion Investments

In this report

The new financial crisis and bank problems have made some people wary of investing their money, yet doing nothing will not bring in any interest or add value.

Markets are fluctuating, banks are behaving poorly and anyone with a little spare cash is left not knowing what to do with their hard earned savings. Gold has long been recognised as a wise investment, and silver is joining it as the “future for investments”.

Experts believe these metals will more or less hold their value no matter what happens to the rest of the economy, and while nothing offers a 100% guarantee, this is probably as good a bet as any and better than most.

With that in mind, this article looks at a few sites offering gold and silver as investment opportunities. Obviously it is important that these companies have a good reputation as you will be spending a considerable sum, but also bear in mind you need to do something with bullion after you have bought it. This is not a “virtual buy” that can be left in some vague place in space, (unlike stocks and shares), and you need a secure place to store this and shipping to get it there.

Buy American Gold Buffalo Coins Online

#1 - is more a site for investors than collectors, although they do have some products suitable for both purposes.

The site is user friendly and well set out with a good range of products. They have gold and silver coins and bars and work hard to make these accessible to the average person and not just wealthy experts.

The track record for this company is good and customers have left only positive comments about their experience dealing with  Reputable financial institutions have also commented on this company and recommended it to customers. That speaks louder than anything else as experts put their reputation on the line when they endorse a business, so do not do it lightly and without valid reasons.


  • Customers report better service than other sites
  • Customers do not need to be experts to use this site
  • Buy back guarantee
  • They will store your gold in vaults if you wish
  • There is a “knowledge centre” with tips on saving tax, scams and more
  • There is an “education service” to help understand what to do and when
  • The people who work there invest in the products and therefore have better knowledge of how it works


  • Some products have a minimum number you can buy


  • 10 ounce silver bar sells at $433.76 for one, but goes down slightly in price for bulk buying, (500 for $427.56 and so on), and have a buy back price of  $401.90
  • Johnson Matthey Ten Ounce Gold Bar $18,678.55 for 1-9 Buy back price of  $18,010.38
  • Johnson Matthey 1 Kilo Gold Bar $59,505.23 for 1-3 Buy back $57,763.52

To read a full review on this company visit: Review: Gold and Silver Investing Reviews

Buy 1 Ounce (oz) Gold Bars Online

#2 - Golden Eagle Coins

Golden Eagle Coins sells more than just coins, they sell ingots as well and have a wide range of metals; gold, silver, copper, platinum and rare palladium, (a white metal that looks like platinum).

Golden Eagle Coins is suitable for collectors and investors, both amateur and professional. They sell classic coins and bars but also stock little known early and rare coins.

The site is user friendly and finding a particular product is both quick and easy with the multiple search options displayed.

They do organise shipping, for a price, but appear to have no storage facilities, and this will elevate the price considerably.

They buy products, but just what and how this can happen is not well explained.


  • Suitable for collectors and investors
  • The prices start low, so allow for a person with a more limited budget to slowly build up a stock of gold or other metal
  • The products on this site are suitable for gifts as well as investments
  • They also sell bank notes
  • Vast selection on most products
  • Prices start low
  • You can buy single items with no minimum order


  • Very high fees for paying by credit card
  • Items can frequently appear with “sold out”, and as prices change daily this may mean you cannot buy the item you wanted at the price shown
  • No storage
  • Not all products have working photographs


  • Morgan Silver Dollars, from $22.75 - $30,074.94 (901 to choose from)
  • American Golden Eagle Coins $198.61 – over $3,000 (over 100 coins)
  • Kruggerrands $194.33 - $4,134.84 (12 coins)
  • Gold Bars start at $66.40
  • Silver Bars from $36.95
  • Palladium Bars from $727.00

To read a full review on this company click Golden Eagle Coins

Other Metals

#3 - SilverGoldBull

SilverGoldBull is the new kid on the block and as such does not have the same range of products other sites offer.  They sell gold and silver bars and coins, but with a limited choice; gold, for example, has only 12 products in all the categories, 5 coins and 7 bars. This not only limits your choice of gold, but also affects the price range.

This company does buy bullion, but they do not offer a buy back guarantee, so if you need to cash in your bullion you need to submit a request for a quote, hope they are interested and take it from there. They do say they have a buyback program, but this also says, “Yes. We may purchase rounds/bullion from the public. However, we will exercise our discretion on which rounds/bullion it will purchase”, and this is not really a buyback, as it is only a possibility, not a firm offer.

They also appear to have no storage facilities, so once you have bought your bullion you need to ship it somewhere, and this will add considerably to the cost. You may choose to bury the bullion in your garden, put it in a safe deposit box in a bank or find another storage facility to keep it for you, but all mean some research to find the best alternative.


  • Customers say they have found products here when rival companies have no stock left


  • It is not easy to find items and searches cannot be refined to exclude a type of product you are not interested in
  • The choice is a bit limited
  • The prices are generally higher than other sites
  • The shipping costs are slightly higher than other sites


  • 10 ounce silver bar sells at $318.50
  • Perth Mint One Ounce Gold Bar $1696.71
  • 1oz Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin $1,703.14

To read a full review on this company visit:  SilverGoldBull Review & Coupons

1/4oz Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin

The Bottom Line

Conclusion comes out on top as an investment opportunity when you take everything into consideration.

While not the most convenient to buy from due to most products having a minimum order of 10, and prices that may be $10 more for the same product, there are still many good reasons for using this company. The main one is their buy back guarantee; if you find yourself in financial difficulty and need to realise the monetary worth from your bullion you simply tell them and they pay you. This saves having to start a long and arduous search to find a good, reliable and trustworthy source to sell to, and as it is likely you will have stored the bullion with the company you bought it through, there are no shipping costs for delivery. This will more than compensate for the $10 - $20 extra you paid per bar, as transporting such a heavy and valuable cargo comes with a hefty charge. will also store your gold, (or other metal bullion), and this is extremely convenient and both price and time saving.

If you are looking for a gift or are a collector then Golden Eagle Coins is the best site to visit – just beware of charges for using a credit card.

SilverGoldBull appears worth a visit only if you are looking for a precise item that is not available elsewhere.

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